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Building & Inspection

The Inspection Department provides citizens, businesses and residents with permits needed for building or remodeling. The department inspects buildings, plumbing, heating and ventilation, air conditioning and electrical work on commercial and residential buildings. It ensures that state and local building codes are being followed. The Zoning Ordinance Administrator has periodic office hours at City Hall and can be contacted via phone at other times.

The City Assessor is responsible for assessing the fair market value of all residential and commercial property within the City of Viroqua.

Building Permits and Inspection

(a) Permit Required.

(1) General Permit Requirement

No building of any kind shall be moved within or into the City and no new building or structure, or any part thereof, shall hereafter be erected, or ground broken for the same, or enlarged, altered, moved, demolished, razed or used within the City, except as herein provided until a permit therefor shall first have been obtained by the owner or his or her authorized agent from the inspector.

(2) Alterations and Repairs

The following provisions shall apply to buildings altered or repaired:

a. Alterations

When not in conflict with and regulations, alterations to any existing substandard type of construction, which involves either beams, girders, columns, bearing or other walls, room, heating and air conditioning systems, arrangement, light and ventilation, changes in location or exit stairways or exits, or any or all of the above, then such existing construction shall be made to conform to the minimum requirements of this Chapter applicable to such occupancy and use and given type of construction.

Building Permit Required

If a person:

(a) builds or installs a new building, within the scope of this ordinance, or

(b) alters a building in excess of $1,000.00 value in any twelve month period, the person shall first obtain a building permit for such work from the building inspector. Any structural changes or major changes to mechanical systems that involve extensions shall require permits if over the foregoing thresholds. Restoration or repaid of an installation to its pervious code-compliant condition as determined by the building inspector is exempted from permit requirements. (Ord 08OR001)

Permit and Inspection Fees


15.19.010 Permit and Inspection Fees:

The following fees shall be paid for project permits; where an inspection is either required or requested the fee for each inspection shall be $75.00 except where other inspection fees are required under the One and Two Family Dwelling Code:

Garages and Carports:

1,000 sq. ft. or less:

$25.00 minimum plus $1.00 per 100 sq. ft. or any part thereof in excess of 400 sq. ft.

Storage Buildings:

100 sq. ft. or less:

$25.00 plus $1.00 per 100 sq. ft. or any part thereof in excess of 100 sq. ft.

Siding and/or Roofing:

$5,000.00 or less:

$25.00 minimum plus $1.00 per $1,000.00 or any part thereof in excess of $5,000.00.

Swimming Pools:




Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC):

see following schedule

Plumbing & Electrical: see following schedule

Fee Schedule:

2019 Building Permit Fee Schedule


$1,000.00 to $10,000.00:

$25.00 minimum plus $1.00 per $1,000.00 or any part thereof in excess of $10,000.00.

New Residential Construction (One-and two-Family):

$100,000.00 or less: $75.00; and add $1.00 for each additional $1,000.00 per part thereof over $100,000.00.

Commercial (Greater than two-family residential and Non-residential):

$100,000.00 or less: $100.00; and add $2.00 for each additional $100,000.00 or part thereof over $100,000.00. (Ord. 09OR007; Ord 08OR002)

Building permit application

Chad Buros, Zoning Ordinance Administrator
William J Mandt, GEC-Building Inspector
Barrett Brenner, City Assessor