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North East Avenue Construction

North East Avenue Construction Update – July 21, 2016

We have a completed road surface!

At long last the street has the final surface. I apologize of the lack of notice on the paving but the pavers arrival on Monday was also a surprise for me. Please note on the very hot days, such as those we have upcoming, the asphalt will be soft. The City appreciates being people being conscious of this, particularly when turning vehicles. It is best to turn your wheels while driving. Turning your wheels while stationary will cause the most damage to the surface.  

Currently the contractor is staying off the road to let it harden. If we get some cooler weather they should be back in a week or so to start the landscaping and restoration. I have been in direct contact with most of the adjacent residence about trees. If you are one of the few I have missed please contact me. We want to place our order in the next week. Ideally we will plant trees before grass seeding.

Pavement markings are coming. We are currently working on scheduling. We will have some disruption to property access for the time it takes for the paint to dry.

We are very close now!

If you know someone who would like to be added to the mailing list please contact The updates will also be available on the City of Viroqua website on the North East Avenue Construction page

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

North East Avenue Construction Update – July 12, 2016

Starting the week of September 21st the City will begin a road resurfacing project on Independence Street between Western and Hillyer Avenues. The project will entail removal of the asphalt, spot repairs of the curb and gutter, spot repairs of the street base and resurfacing of the street. The current schedule is to have the project completed by the first week of October.  Access to driveways will be maintained continuously until paving. Paving will require a short interruption in access. The City will notify you at least 24-hrs in advance of paving.

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Grainger, City Engineer at 608-637-7154 ext. 20 or email


North East Avenue Construction Update – July 1, 2016

Underground utilities and concrete work complete! 

Over the last two weeks things have really come along. The underground utilities are finished. Contractors have been working hard to get the concrete work complete. As of today all the concrete has been poured. While this means no driveway access for the southern half of the project for the next week, it also means we are almost out of your way! Asphalt surface is expected in the next two weeks. The new asphalt needs about a day to set. Two layers will be applied. After that the road will be open with no restrictions!

Next week we will start the finishing touches. Grading will be done from the edge of the sidewalks and driveways back onto your properties. We have spoken to the land owners already if major grading needs to be done. After this, restoration of the disturbed surfaces will be performed with black dirt and grass seeding. Some will see black dirt already in boulevards. Trees will also be coming. I am behind schedule in speaking with people about trees, my apologize, but I will speak with you soon. I hope to be out talking to people next week. The tree species to select from are large stature – Chestnut, Elm, Hackberry, Locust, Ginko and short stature – Lilac, Pear, Crab. Last come the pavement markings.   

Thank you again for your patience with the project. We are in the last push of inconvenience!

Construction of North East Avenue is planned for the spring/summer of 2016.

The construction project area is North East Avenue from Decker to Linton and Walnut Street. This is a full street reconstruction where watermain, sewer main, sidewalk and the road surface are replaced. We are also adding storm sewer where there has not previously been storm sewer. The road cross-section is changing. There will be designated on street bike lanes on each side of the road (going the direction of traffic). As a result there will be smaller boulevards and parking only on the west side of the street. The inclusion of the bike lanes is to comply with grant funding requirements. The City must follow Federal Trans 75 regulations that required roads inclusive for all forms of transportation.

The current plan is for construction to start in May. The project is anticipated to last 2-3 months. Please note that scheduling in construction is difficult. Weather, material availability, underground surprises and unplanned delays inevitably will change the schedule. The City thanks you in advance for understanding the expected schedule changes.

Also subject to change is project sequencing. The City expects the project will start at the northernmost point on North East Avenue and Linton. From there the project will move south to Decker.

There are a number of items that are important for landowners to be aware of:

  1. Property Access – Pedestrian access to properties will always be maintained. Vehicular access will be restricted at times depending on the location of excavation. As soon as possible we will create a drivable gravel surface. Anyone with accessibility issues should contact Sarah Grainger in order to develop alternative plans.
  2. Temporary Limited Easements (TLE) – Sarah Grainger will be in contact with each landowner regarding TLEs. TLEs are optional. They are temporary agreements allowing the City access to the front 15ft of your property to perform grading. For those who have a steep driveway this will be particularly important if you want to minimize the current steep grade. There will be additional road grade changes that will make TLEs advisable for all landowners.
  3. Temporary water – Temporary water will be used during this project. That means for a period of time your water may be serviced from above ground hosing until the connection to the watermain is reestablished. We will notify you 24 hrs in advance of water shut off unless in an emergency situation. Further to this, any time construction is near your property it is a good idea to fill buckets of water in case water service is disrupted unexpectedly.
  4. Replacement of water and sewer services – Replacement of water and sewer services from your property line to your serviced structure is optional. In many cases on North East Avenue there is older lead or galvanized service piping. When we excavate your service the City will replace the line from the main to your property line. We will inform you of the condition of your line and the materials as seen at the property line. It is significantly more economical to replace old lines when we excavate in front of your home. If you have recently replaced your service you likely have the correct materials and they are in good condition. If you aren’t aware of the service material or if it has been replaced you should contacting a plumber about the potential for work. We will not be able to tell you until the last minute the exact day we will be excavating in front of your property. Please start making contacts with plumbers now. Lastly there are options to have the water or sewer service replacement cost assessed to your taxes over a 5 year period. Please contact Sarah Grainger about this option.

When construction begins, the City of Viroqua will be sending weekly updates on the progress via email.

If you have any questions and/or wish to provide your email to receive these updates, feel free to contact me at 637-7154 ext. 20 or