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Notice of Sewer Utility Work

Notice of Sewer Utility Work to begin Monday, June 17th on Greenhill Drive. 

Visu-Sewer has been contracted to reline the mainline sanitary sewer on Greenhill Drive. Relining allows for renewing the existing sewer without the inconvenience of conventional digging and relaying. During this work, your sewer lateral will be temporarily disconnected from the main sewer. Relining is normally completed in one day, within two shifts. The first shift crew installs the liner. The second shift crew reconnects the building laterals to the new liner. 

To avoid problems, we need your cooperation. Only those who have laterals directly connected to the pipe being lined have to worry about water use. Those who are on or near the project want to ensure the plumbing traps are full of water so that the resin odors do not come into their property. Meaning pouring a gallon of water down floor drains and infrequently used sinks and sewer connections. Reduce possible odors by pouring approximately one gallon of water down each of your floor drains and basement sink before the date/time listed below. If your sump pump flows into the sanitary sewer place damp cloth over the sump/crock. If odors enter your property ventilate with open windows and doors. The odor should dissipate quickly. Use your toilet only if necessary and discontinue further use of all water including; washing machines, dish washers, bath tubs, showers, sinks, and sump pumps (if hooked to sanitary sewer) on the following date: 

Date: Monday, June 17th

Time: Work will begin around 8 a.m. and could last as long as 12 hours. 

During the relining process, the crews follow four steps to complete the Cured-In-Place Process (CIPP). CIPP is a trenchless rehabilitation process used to repair existing pipelines using a resin (styrene) saturated felt tube. 

Step 1 – Cleaning and Inspection: Prior to lining the existing sewer, crews clean the pipe using high pressure water hoses and video cameras to inspect the condition of the pipe. 

Step 2 – Pipe Lining: Crews place a flexible liner into the existing sewer. Steam or heated water is forced into the liner, pushing the liner tightly against the existing sewer walls. 

Step 3 – Reinstating Laterals: Crews cut open the existing lateral pipes servicing each home, using a remote operated cutter and video camera. 

Step 4 – Lateral Connection Sealing: Another contractor may inject grout to completely seal the connection and ensure no infiltration occurs. 

The actual pipe lining process typically takes less than one day to complete. 

To find out more information, and the benefits of CIPP, visit