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North Rusk Construction Project

10/16/2019 – North Rusk Avenue Construction Update

Things will be pretty quiet over the next week.

After the flurry of activity over the past couple weeks, things will be slowing down.

Most of the restoration work is complete. Gerke will be coming through and reseeding all of the boulevards and any other touch ups. Most of the trees have been planted, however City crews will be planting a few additional ones tomorrow. A lot of trees are gone but there are a few left if your are still wanting them.

The last block of asphalt paving on Church between North East Avenue and Washington will happen mid to late next week.

Now is the time Gerke will be coming through doing the final touch ups before the winter. Please let us know if anything is outstanding. The work has a one year warranty period so any damage or grass not growing between now and next year will be remedied by Gerke. Please let us know if anything comes up.

Contact me if you have questions or need additional accommodations. Sarah Grainger, City Engineer at 608-637-7154 ext. 20 or sgrainger@viroqua-wisconsin.com.

You can also go to the construction webpage at this link for more information.