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Farmer’s Market in the Historic Downtown

Locally grown vegetables at the Farmer's Market

Viroqua is the center of one of the greatest organic farming regions of the United States. Each Saturday over 50 farmers and vendors from across the countryside come into our historic downtown to sell their fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and nuts at the Farmers Market, which is sponsored by the Viroqua Partners. Several local Amish families also come to the market to sell their handmade items. They bring beautiful baskets made with old-world craftsmanship. There are apple baskets, bread baskets, picnic and sewing baskets and toy chests. They also bring hand-woven rugs and wall hangings, and of course beautiful quilts in several colors, patterns and sizes. The Farmers Market opens the last day of May and continues every Saturday until the last Saturday of October.

A view of one section of the historic downtown

But the Farmers Market isnít all we offer. Our downtown district is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places and home to dozens of shops that offer everything from metal and glassware to art and wine and delicious dining. It also features the restored Temple Theater with a great season of live performances.

A summer parade in the historic downtown

Thanks to the work of the Viroqua Historic Preservation Commission, the Downtown District was named to Wisconsin and National Register of Historic Places in 2003 due to the merits of the buildings in the district which are still largely intact. One of the benefits of being in a historic district is tax credits for restoration work. Owners can receive a 20 percent federal investment tax credit for rehabilitation of income-producing historic buildings in the district. There is also a five percent Wisconsin investment tax credit for properties that qualify for the federal credit. In order to qualify for either credit, the restoration or rehabilitation work must meet federal rehabilitation standards.

Map of historic downtown district.


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