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Wastewater Outfall Extension Construction Update

Project Update – June 15th

This week the contractor continued to install pipe working toward the Wastewater Treatment Facility from the Miller Road and County B intersection. They installed about 990’ of pipe and 2 manholes.

Next week the contractor will be crossing Sheldon Lane. They also may get to the point where they cross CTH B east of Sheldon lane near the Haugen and Lepke properties at the end of the week. During the road crossing their will be a complete closure of County B for a one day period.

Before Driveways are crossed Rule Construction or the Project Inspector will notify you in advance. Our regular Project Inspector Nick is away and Frank Brey will take his place. If there are concerns about access please contact me, in advance if possible, and I will be relay the concerns and follow up that they are addressed.  

The road detour is still in place. Local traffic is able to pass at slow speeds. The detour of County B will be in place for the remainder of the project. 

If you would like to receive email updates about the project please send an email to sgrainger@viroqua-wisconsin.com.  Information about the project is also available online at this link.