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8/28/21 – South Rusk and Washington Avenue Update

Paving and Restoration in the coming weeks!

It is about that time of the project where things start slowing down. This past week crews have been preparing for the paving crew, Mathy Construction. They are supposed to start next week. First, the paving crew will do final grading and, hopefully, by the end of the week we will see the pavers come in.

Restoration is the other main objective. Black dirt and grass seeding is in the works. We currently have 76 new trees with a homes on the project. That is more trees then were removed on the project due to health of the tree or conflicts! Tree planting will happen in the next two to three weeks.  We have a goal of a hundred new trees planted, so if you don’t have trees slated for your boulevard yet or you have more space and want additional trees, please let me know. The trees remaining below are listed below.   

Important information about the project is available at the construction webpage on the City website at https://viroqua-wisconsin.com/?p=14027. If you have any questions, wish to set up an appointment to discuss sight specific needs one or one, or wish to provide your email to receive these updates, feel free to contact me at 608-606-0620 or sgrainger@viroqua-wisconsin.com.

Bald Cypress 1.5″ Caliper – 1

Hawthorne 1.5″ Caliper – 1

Crabapple – white – 2 

Hackberry – 3

Gingko – Bed – 7

Quercus ellip Northern Pin Oak – 9

Tilia am Frontyard Linden – 4