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7/22/21 – South Rusk and Washington Avenue Update

Water and sewer service next week. More sidewalk curb and road building. Storm sewer installation from Rusk to Main.

All the watermain and sewer main on the project is underground!!! This is a huge milestone for the project. We will have water and sewer service installation on Rusk between South Circle and HWY 14 next week. When this happens, all residents on the project will be drinking their water and all lead services in the City will be removed, another huge milestone for the City. This remaining water and sewer service work will be followed by installing the road base, possibly later next week.  

If you have new grass in your boulevard please start mowing it. We have done it for the last two mowings but it is your turn now. Keeping the grass from going to seed will help it fill in better.

We had a successful watermain boring last week. We will be waiting on pressure testing and safe samples before connecting the water services behind South Circle. This is scheduled for the first week of August. Storm sewer will be installed next week from Rusk to Main through the easement on private property.

Augelli, the concrete contractor, was able to come back early and finish more sidewalk. They plan on being back at the beginning of August to finish the curb and remaining sidewalk work.