City of Viroqua Downtown Main Street Public Input Meeting

To Share Feedback on Main Street and Downtown Viroqua

When: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 from 6 PM to 7:30 PM
MEETING ID: 852 6577 3814
MEETING CALL-IN: 1-888-788-0099

What is this meeting for? As part of the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant awarded by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the City of Viroqua is reviewing pedestrian and traffic safety on Main Street in Downtown Viroqua. The City is working with Strand Associates to lead the safety improvement planning process. The City is hosting a Public Meeting to share design concepts and gather input on safety and traffic improvements as well as preferred streetscapes for an improved Downtown experience.

This will be an informal and interactive meeting providing the public with an opportunity discuss:

-Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Design Alternatives
-Streetscape Concepts

This meeting is free and open to the public. After a presentation on the design concepts and streetscapes, the meeting will move to smaller breakout sessions  where the options will be discuss and feedback received. Also, an automated polling will be held regarding preferences on the design options and their elements. If you miss the meeting, you can also take the poll online after the meeting at the Main Street Project webpage

Follow this link to the City’s website to review the project design concepts. 

Questions regarding the meeting? Please send questions to Vandewalle & Associates at

 Public Meeting 2 Flyer (9.23.21)

View Announcement Fall 2021 Hydrant Flushing Announcement

Fall Notice for Customers

View Announcement Lead Service Laterals Grant Available Citywide

The City of Viroqua has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to open the Lead Service Lateral (LSL) grant to properties throughout the city until December 2021. This means that if your property has a galvanized water service and is a residence or childcare facility, you are eligible to apply. This grant program provides full funding for private side water services. Private side water services are the water pipe that starts at curb stop, near the property line, and goes into the building, ending at the water meter.

**** You must FIRST be approved from the city and follow a specific protocol to receive the grant.  ****

Viroqua Utilities is proud to announce that, with the work done on the South Rusk and Washington Avenue project, all lead pipe and goosenecks used in water services in the city have been removed. The next step toward eliminating any potential lead exposure from water services is to look at galvanized water lines. Galvanized water lines were historically connected to the watermain by a lead gooseneck, a two-foot section of flexible pipe. Through time, any lead that may have leached from these goosenecks could have attached to the surface of galvanized pipes through the mechanisms of corrosion. The risk of lead exposure is reduced the longer the gooseneck was removed i.e. 30 years ago versus 5 years ago. However, most of the galvanized pipe in the city is at the end of its lifespan and breakdown of galvanized pipe is a concern, potentially increasing the risk again.  

The City of Viroqua was awarded $200,000 of principal forgiveness for the private Lead Service Lateral (LSL) Replacement Funding Program. This funding was originally intended for lead service replacements where services were connected to lead goosenecks on South Rusk Avenue. These service replacements have been completed and there is over $100,000 in grant money remaining. The city has until the beginning of December 2021 to spend this remaining grant money, so we need to act quickly.

You can tell if you have a galvanized private side water service by looking at the pipe between your water meter and where it exits your property. If the line is brownish/copper in color, it is copper pipe. If it is not metal (often blue), then you have a plastic water service. If it is silver in color, then it is likely galvanized. Removal of internal building plumbing is not a part of this grant. However, it is important to observe the material of the water pipe that goes from your meter into your home plumbing, as well as general home plumbing and fixtures. Plumbing, plumbing fixtures and pipe joint solder is a potential source of lead, particularly in older homes. To find more information on internal plumbing and lead visit or contact your local health department.

Using the link below, you can access the Prequalified Plumbers List, Application for Lead Service Replacement, Lead Service Removal Agreement and the LSL Reimbursement Application and other LSL Grant information.

Please contact Sarah at 608-637-7154 x20 (please leave a message),, or Cheryl Purvis at 608-637- 608-637-7186 x13 . You can also go to the city website to find the grant forms and more information. .

View Announcement 8/28/21 – South Rusk and Washington Avenue Update

Paving and Restoration in the coming weeks!

It is about that time of the project where things start slowing down. This past week crews have been preparing for the paving crew, Mathy Construction. They are supposed to start next week. First, the paving crew will do final grading and, hopefully, by the end of the week we will see the pavers come in.

Restoration is the other main objective. Black dirt and grass seeding is in the works. We currently have 76 new trees with a homes on the project. That is more trees then were removed on the project due to health of the tree or conflicts! Tree planting will happen in the next two to three weeks.  We have a goal of a hundred new trees planted, so if you don’t have trees slated for your boulevard yet or you have more space and want additional trees, please let me know. The trees remaining below are listed below.   

Important information about the project is available at the construction webpage on the City website at If you have any questions, wish to set up an appointment to discuss sight specific needs one or one, or wish to provide your email to receive these updates, feel free to contact me at 608-606-0620 or

Bald Cypress 1.5″ Caliper – 1

Hawthorne 1.5″ Caliper – 1

Crabapple – white – 2 

Hackberry – 3

Gingko – Bed – 7

Quercus ellip Northern Pin Oak – 9

Tilia am Frontyard Linden – 4

View Announcement Hazardous Sidewalk Markings and Replacements

Hazardous Sidewalk Repair Deadline Extended 1 Month

 This is a reminder that if the hazards were marked for replacement, and have not been remedied, the City contractor will perform the repair. Due to scheduling, the City contractor, Fowler and Hammer, will not be here until August. As such, the deadline for replacement is now July 30th, 2021. After July 30th, 2021, Fowler and Hammer will be authorized to begin replacements on any sidewalk not repaired.

Hazards were recently re-marked. If you feel that the hazards were re-marked incorrectly, please contact me to discuss. Hazards marked for replacement are identified with an “x”. A white “x” means the City will perform the repair, an orange “x” means the property owner is responsible for the replacement.

Sidewalk replacement will be $8.70/square foot for 4” concrete and $9.55/square foot for 6” concrete. The cost includes removal, replacement, any need base material, black dirt and re-seeding (where applicable). Cost for the repair will be entered on the 2021 tax roll, as a special charge on your property taxes pursuant to Viroqua Municipal Code §12.04.060 and Wis. Stat. § 66.0907. If you do not want the cost of repairs entered as a special charge, you also have an option of paying the bill to City Hall. An invoice for the replacement at your property will be sent to you.

If you choose to remedy the hazard yourself or through a contractor you hire, the repair must comply with the ADA requirements. Concrete replacements must be a six-bag mix at a sidewalk thickness of 4 inches and 6 inches for driveways. Base material shall be sand, gravel, or screenings at six inches thick and must be tamped thoroughly to insure stability. Cracks may be filled using high quality crack filler suitable for concrete repair.

If you have any further questions, please contact Sarah Grainger at 637-7154 ext. 20 or

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