Viroqua Chamber Main Street

The residents of Viroqua are widely diverse in their lifestyles, yet find common ground in their ability to work together to accomplish great things.  Emphasizing collaborative leadership and preservation of our history, the community and Viroqua Chamber Main Street continue to involve residents in vital and meaningful ways.  Volunteers of all ages are engaged in ongoing projects which contribute to the sense of well-being for all. The Viroqua Chamber Main Street is dedicated to enhance the quality of life of the Viroqua community through leadership, facilitation and collaboration.

Viroqua is a community with abundant choices and unique opportunities.  Located in the beautiful Driftless region, we protect and benefit from our diverse natural resources and environment.  Viroqua values and celebrates its agricultural history and long standing community traditions while always planning for and embracing its future.

Viroqua is known as a mecca for outdoor recreation, has a strong locally grown and value added food system and offers an abundance of diverse health care and education options.  Its resilient rural economy and model of self-sufficiency make Viroqua a regional center for entrepreneurial activity and innovation.

So with open arms, we welcome you to explore the city of Viroqua and experience firsthand the unique beauty of our community.

Viroqua Chamber Main Street

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