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Viroqua Farmers Market Vendor Guidelines & Application

The Viroqua Farmers Market is a producer-only market, serving as an outlet for homegrown fruits, vegetables, cider, honey, sorghum, maple syrup, fresh and dried flowers, nuts, indoor and outdoor plants, baked goods, processed foods, dairy products, meats and vendor produced apparel, and crafts.  The market is intended to give growers and producers of goods, and consumers, an opportunity to deal directly with each other, rather than through a third party.

The 2021 Viroqua Farmers Market will be held May 1-October 23, 8:00am-12:30pm.

The second Kids Vending Day will be October 2, 2021! Please select “Daily Vendor,” you will not be charged for children’s stalls.

The Viroqua Farmers Market’s application for vending is open to all interested at this time; please contact for clarification or information about the following application.

  • Please include http:// before your website address.
  • Documents may be submitted by e-mail: by mail: Viroqua Chamber Main Street, PO Box 372 Viroqua, WI 54665

Guidelines Applicable to All Vendors and Products

(Please keep this copy of the rules for your records)

1. Due to the pandemic, our agreement with Western Technical College requires us to follow their Covid-19 requirements as well as WI DHS Covid-19 guidelines.  All vendors and customers will be required to wear masks, practice social distancing and frequent hand sanitizing/washing.

2. The vendor is defined as the person who owns the business and produces the products sold. A vendor may, at the discretion of the Viroqua Chamber Main Street, allow a family member to sell products in their absence.

3. Only vendor-produced crafts and produce may be sold at the Market.  ‘Rummage sale’ booths will not be permitted.  No reselling is permitted. Plant sales need to have been repotted and/or grown by the vendor.

4. The Viroqua Chamber Main Street may visit the vendor production area.

5. The vendor must carry appropriate licenses and certificates for the products they are selling.  The vendor will be asked to submit a copy of their licenses along with the vendor contract at the time of applying to become a vendor. Items that may require licensing are certified organic products, baked goods, processed fruits and vegetables, eggs, dairy products, frozen meat or fish, processed meat, or any other processed food.  Please submit a copy of all pertinent licenses when submitting your application, including all organic certifications. You must also have a copy of your organic certificate hanging in your space. To list your goods as organic, you must be certified by a third party, agency.

6. All produce intended for consumption must be well cleaned and kept in sanitary conditions off the ground.

7. Vendors are solely responsible for their own product, services provided, insurance and liability incurred therein. Active participants in the Viroqua Chamber Main Street Farmers Marketagree to defend, indemnify and hold the Viroqua Chamber Main Street harmless against any loss for injury to persons or property occasioned by its operations.

8. The vendor must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Wildcrafting is permitted and vendors are required to follow all current state guidelines. 

9. No running of gasoline or diesel motors or engines is allowed. The exception is the moving of vendor vehicles into and out of their selling spaces prior to the Market opening time of 8am. Small, low noise generators may be permitted with prior Viroqua Chamber Main Street approval.

10. No loud or disturbing noises shall be made, or actions taken on the grounds which will interfere with the rights, comfort, or convenience of other vendors or the public.

11. Vendors will not be allowed to bring pets into the Market for health and safety reasons. The sale or giving away of live animals is prohibited.

12. Sampling Procedures:  All samples offered by vendors must meet the following criteria and due to the pandemic, we strongly encourage extra care and detail be taken when issuing samples.
– Samples must be stored in rigid, covered containers until serving.
– Samples must be held and dispensed under clean and sanitary conditions. (i.e. toothpicks for sampling, gloves, etc.)
– All vendors giving free samples must provide a waste container in a prominent place for use by the public.

13. Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner to other vendors, customers, and Viroqua Chamber Main Street staff and volunteers. Threatening, abusive or harassing behavior will result in a violation and constitutes grounds for dismissal from the Market.

14. The Viroqua Chamber Main Street will ensure adherence to all Market rules and may approve or disapprove products.

15. The vendor must follow the Market Rules. Three violations will result in loss of vending privileges or suspension from the Market, per Viroqua Chamber Main Street discretion. Fees will not be refunded to any vendor who is suspended or loses vending privileges.

16. All seasonal vendors must be in their space by 7:30 a.m. on Saturday.  All spaces not occupied by 7:30 a.m. will become available for daily vendors.  Seasonal vendor’s who are not planning on using their space on any given week must contact the Market Coordinator at (608) 637-2575 or email:, before 3:30 p.m. Friday.

17. Vendors are not allowed to drive their motor vehicles into any given slot after 7:30 a.m. Driving a motor vehicle through the Market after the Market has already begun is disruptive to the flow of the Market and creates a safety hazard. Vendors who arrive late may carry their items into their appointed space on foot. Vendors may not drive their vehicle in or out of the Market from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. If a vendor sells out early, they may carry their items out of their space, but may not move their vehicle until the Market is over.

18. All seasonal vendors are expected to attend at least half (13) of the Viroqua Farmers Market Saturdays. If for some reason they are unable to attend at least 13 Saturdays and have not contacted the Market Coordinator they may lose the opportunity for a reserved space the following year.

19. Vendors must clean up their sales area completely before leaving.

20. To ensure availability of customer parking, vendors are not permitted to park on Main Street in front of the Market.

21. Fundraisers, nonprofit organizations, and local businesses will be treated as daily vendors at this time due to pandemic protocol.  Vendors are required to follow all Market rules (i.e. owner present) and are limited to two Saturdays per Market season for each individual or organization unless given prior approval by the Viroqua Chamber Main Street.

22. Children of any Market vendor may sell items they have produced. These items are subject to the same rules and licensing (if applicable) of all vendors at the Market. They may sell these items within their parent’s vending space or pay for a space (if available).

23. Vendors are responsible for the reporting of sales tax.

24. Agencies and organizations (nonprofit or otherwise, vendor or non-vendor) are not permitted to walk around the Market soliciting signups, donations, petition signatures or distributing materials of any kind.

25. Vendor fees must be paid prior to set up.

26. Photographs, including professional photographs, will be taken during the Markets to be used by the Viroqua Chamber Main Street for marketing purposes. By completing this agreement, you agree to have your likeness, business, and product used for/in any and all marketing purposes and mediums. 

27. Vendors who wish to set up canopies at the Viroqua Farmers Market during market operations are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely tied down with 25-pound weights at each corner from the time it is put up to the time it is taken down. Any vendor who fails to secure their canopy properly will have to take it down for the day and vend without it. During inclement weather it may be necessary to take canopy down.


Vendor Fees:        Seasonal Vendor:  $150.00    (the fee must be paid in full by 05/01/2021)

                               Daily Vendor:  $15.00/day


One space size is one parking slot, approx. 10’4” x 12’ (some spaces vary)


Viroqua Chamber Main Street

P.O. Box 372

Viroqua, WI 54665 ~ 608-637-2575