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North Side Infrastructure Improvements Construction

The North Side Infrastructure Improvements involve installation of watermain and sewer main on the northeast side of Viroqua to service development that will be taking place in this area. Construction will take place adjacent to North Main/Highway 14, County BB and Railroad Avenue. These improvements are related to City/County partnership on the development of a new commercial/light industrial park located adjacent HWY 14 north. 

Construction of the North Side Infrastructure Improvements will begin the first week of November 2019. Two public meetings will be held Wednesday October 30, at 1:30 pm and at 6:00 pm at Viroqua City Hall, 202 North Main Street.  At these meetings, the City and Engineering Consultant will provide information about potential impacts during construction. You will also have an opportunity to talk about concerns or special accommodations that need to be made for your property.

When construction begins, the City will be sending weekly updates on the progress via email. 

If you have any questions and/or wish to provide your email to receive these updates, feel free to contact Sarah Grainger at 637-7154 ext. 20 or


US Highway 14 northbound single lane closure starting Tuesday.

Starting Tuesday May 26th, the outside (east side) lane of the US Highway 14 northbound, just north of Fairlane Drive (north of the Vernon Inn) to Springville Road, will be closed for up to 2 weeks. The inside northbound lane will remain open. This closure is required to complete the new intersection turning lanes and medians for the entrance to the new Viroqua Business Park.

Restoration in the non-business park areas along Cty BB and Railroad Avenue is finished. Water main for the entire project has passed pressure test and should be in operation soon for those areas that have not been operating through the winter.

The business park site grading work is nearing completion. Only one area near the Sheriff department will still be excavated further. Storm sewer is being installed and the North South road bed is being built. Once this work is complete the work in the Business Park area will move into lighting, curb, paving and restoration.


More grading and patching next week.  

The grading crew is continuing work in the future Viroqua Business Park site. Most of the work will occur in the area behind the Sheriff Department and Vernon Inn.

Mathy with be in town next week to patch the asphalt at Cty BB and Railroad Avenue.

The utility crew not be coming next week, likely the week after to starting installing more pipe.


We are back in action, including road closures and water shutoffs.

Construction has been on hold for the last couple of weeks but three crews have returned to continue with the project.

A utility crew has been installing the last of the sewer and water main on Railroad Avenue. They should be completing the watermain installation by tomorrow and will then be crossing railroad to install a water service to the County salt shed. As such, Railroad Avenue just north of the Salt Shed (and Bark Park) and south of Cty BB is planned to be closed tomorrow. If they run into some difficulties today, Railroad Avenue will not be closed until Monday. This closure should only last a morning. The same crew is expected to start construction of the watermain behind the hotel and county buildings on the south side of the new business park area next week. This means the Erlandson Building will be without water for at least the morning, one day next week. The shutoff is tentatively planned for Tuesday, December 10th. We will provide 48-hours notice with a confirmed shutoff time when plans are confirmed. No other building is expected to have the water shut off, however, anytime construction is in your area you should be prepared for an emergency shutoff. In particular, the Sheriff building should have a contingency plan this same day.   

The grading crew came out earlier in the week, but stopped working due to wet conditions. They are planning to return next week to continue the site grading work.

A second utility crew completed the watermain construction along HWY 14. They are now working on a storm sewer culvert and will then jump to sanitary sewer in the future Viroqua Business Park site.

These crews plan on working until Dec. 20th after which time they will be done until early 2020.


Things will be slowing down for the next two weeks.

Due to wet site conditions and the long weekend next week, there will be no work occurring on any of the sites until Dec. 2nd.

After Dec. 2nd three crews will be returning. One crew will complete the water and sewer work on Railroad Avenue. The other two crews will be working on the future Viroqua Business Park site off of HWY 14. Weather dependent, work will be occurring from Dec. 2nd to Dec. 20th before stopping until the spring.


Railroad Avenue at Cty BB intersection (south leg) will be closed through tomorrow evening.

Water and Sewer crews are working on Railroad Avenue. There is also another crew working along HWY 14 installing water. Please be mindful of these crews as you are driving adjacent to the project. They don’t have a lot of space to work in. Thank you!


Railroad Avenue at Cty BB to be closed on Monday.

As always with construction, plans change. Cty BB was closed longer than expected on Wednesday into Thursday and they didn’t have Railroad close at all on Thursday. However, the plan is to have Railroad at Cty BB intersection, south leg, closed Monday. This means traffic coming from the south on Railroad will not be able to go north at Cty BB and vice versa.

A lot has been accomplished this week. Both the sewer and the water line to the County Shop are physically connected. The water main is being disinfected and will be sampled on Monday so we are expecting water will be available to the new County shop by Wednesday. Both water and sewer crews will be working on Railroad starting at the Cty BB intersection going south next week.

The grading crew is busy moving earth. The crew installing sewer in the area has begun installing pipe. Both will continue this work next week.

The water main hot tap and boring under HWY 14 is now complete. Crews may begin installing watermain adjacent to HWY 14 soon depending on weather.


Cty BB at Railroad now expected to be closed Wednesday and Thursday morning.

It might be cold be the construction crews are still working. A fourth even showed up today.

The Water Utility crew continues to install watermain on Cty BB  toward Railroad Avenue. They are tentatively scheduled to cross Railroad Avenue on Thursday morning. Railroad Avenue will be closed at this time. After the crossing they will be working their way north on Railroad to tie into the County Shop water line early next week.

The Sewer Utility crew continues to install sewer main in the County farm land. They are at Railroad Avenue working their way south toward Cty BB. Tomorrow they will jump back to the north to connect to the County line and before continuing south. Next they will go south along Railroad Avenue and cross at Cty BB. This means Cty BB will also be closed to traffic on Wednesday.

The grading crew  continues to work on grading at the future Viroqua Business Park site. They have been joined by the utility crew that is starting to install sewer in this area.  

This week there will be a crossing of watermain under HWY 14 near the entry to Sleepy Hollow Chrysler and Grimm Tails. This will not impact general traffic. They will be digging entry holes for the boring on Wednesday and boring on Thursday.


Currently, there are three crews on the project. On Monday there will be four, so things are moving very fast. The general hours of construction are 7AM-7PM. Most weeks they will work Monday thru Thursday, however, because of a delayed start on Monday, they will work until about 2PM tomorrow (Friday). For all planned water shutoffs, affected properties will be given 48 hrs notice. However, when construction is in your area it is a good idea to be ready for water outage as sometimes things don’t go as planned. Also, all road traffic should be maintained throughout the project, with a few exceptions, but may be down to one lane.

The Water Utility crew has been installing watermain on Railroad Avenue at Arena working their way north. They are almost half complete the Railroad Avenue line. Today they moved to the Cty BB and Nelson Parkway intersection and will remain working on Cty BB east until the Railroad Avenue intersection. At that point, they will cross north on Railroad to connect to the waterline for the new County Highway Shop.  It is expected this crossing will occur next week.

The Sewer Utility crew has been installing sewer main in the County farm land. They are connecting the existing sewer main in the field to Railroad Avenue by the Viroqua Town Shop. They should be at Railroad Avenue by tomorrow and be ready to connect to the County sewer line when that project is finished by the County contractor. Next they will go south along Railroad Avenue. There will be a sewer crossing at CTY BB and Railroad, currently planned for Thursday the 14th, where CTY BB will be closed on the west side of the T intersection going north (Town Shop). Traffic will be re-routed, please adjust accordingly.

There is a grading crew working on the future Viroqua Business Park site. They are working on establishing road grade so the fourth crew can work on the sanitary sewer that will be underneath the new road. The work on this site should not have impact to local traffic.

Also next week there will be a crossing of watermain under HWY 14 near the entry to Sleepy Hollow Chrysler and Grimm Tails. This will not impact general traffic. They will be digging entry holes for the boring on Wednesday and boring on Thursday.

Please contact me if you have questions or need additional accommodations. Sarah Grainger, City Engineer at 608-637-7154 ext. 20 or