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Main Street Project Information

WisDOT seeking comments on Main Street (Brendel to Decker, South to Washington)

A Highway Safety Improvement Project is planned for USH 14/61 in the city of Viroqua. The project begins approximately 450 feet north of Brendel Lane and ends near the intersection of USH 14 and South Washington Avenue. The project gaps downtown city of Viroqua (between Decker Street and South Street).  The project is scheduled to be constructed in summer and fall 2023.

The purpose of this project is to improve corridor safety. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation completed a Highway Safety Improvement Funding application and received funds to address the current crashes along the corridor. The project will convert the existing four‑lane typical section to a three‑lane section (a travel lane in each direction and a two‑way left‑turn lane) through pavement marking modifications. The conversion to a two-way left-turn lane will remove slow moving or stopped left-turning vehicles from the through-travel lane helping to mitigate the high frequency of rear end crashes. Rectangular Rapid Flashing beacons (RRFBs) will be installed at Maple Street, Oak Street, West Broadway Street, East Broadway Street, and Fairgrounds Road. Existing curb ramps at the RRFB locations will be upgraded to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

A presentation containing information regarding the proposed improvements, purpose and need, project schedule, construction schedule, and design team can be viewed at the website below.

Website Location

If you have any additional questions regarding the project, please contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation project manager, Mike Rud, at (608) 789-7876.


Click HERE for the video recording of the September 23rd – Downtown Main Street Public Input Meeting

Provide your input! Take the poll and provide comments at this LINK.


Click HERE to see the Project Design Concepts

Note: Zoom in to see full details of each alternative. 

The City of Viroqua is undertaking projects to improve the US HWY 14 (Main Street) downtown corridor. These projects were made possible by receiving two Wisconsin Department of Transportation grants, Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) and Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). Improvements will be made to make downtown as safe, welcoming, and pedestrian-friendly as possible. The goal of these projects is to improve use by all users (vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians) on Main Street.

These improvements will take place under two projects 1. Main Street Safety Improvements – Two Way Left Turn Lane (TWLTL) conversation and pedestrian crossings for outside of downtown through the HSIP grant, slated for 2023 and 2. Downtown Safety Improvements through the TAP grant, slated for 2024.

The Main Street Safety Improvements include TWLTL Conversion where Viroqua’s 4-lane connecting highway be converted into a 3-lane, Two Way Left Turn Lane (TWLTL) design. Pedestrian crossings with Rapid Flashing Beacons and refuge islands will also be added at key intersections. These improvements will take place on the north section of Main Street from Sand Road to Decker and the south section of Main Street from

Downtown Safety Improvements are still in the planning stages. We are looking for your input! 

The City of Viroqua held a project public input session on May 26th, 2020, if you were unable to attend you can still see the session at this video. You can also take part in the informal poling from the session. Give your input on this project, please take this survey to help design the new Main Street!