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South Rusk & Washington Avenue Reconstruction

6/11/21 – South Rusk and Washington Avenue Update

Digging will begin again on Rusk between Hickory and Maple. Surface will be removed on Rusk from Maple to just past South Circle possibly Friday (11th). Restoration on Washington and Rusk Decker thru Oak.

The concrete contractor, Augelli, still had sidewalk approaches to finish this week on Washington. They also poured curb on Rusk between Decker and Jefferson and have started sidewalks in this stretch as well. This will continue through the week.

Badger is working on building the road base on Rusk from Terhune to Oak. On Monday, this section will see curb poured, which means driveway access will be restricted for 7 days from when the sidewalk is poured.

Badger will also be installing sewer, storm sewer and water services on Rusk between Hickory and Maple. At the same time, they will likely remove the surface and starting to install water main from Maple to just south of South Circle Dr. This is a few days ahead of schedule. Work will stop just north of Thorson funeral home. For the next 2-3 weeks, excavation and pipe work will be constant on Rusk from Hickory to just south of South Circle. When the digging occurs in this section, we will contact those who should stop drinking water until we confirm their water service material.     

If you have been told not to drink your water, you need to continue to do so. If you have a galvanized water service and a lead gooseneck in the street, please ensure you submit grant forms and let me know who your plumber is. If you have a galvanized service with copper in the street, you can also have it replaced through the grant, but are not required to do so. The sooner I know your plans the better, so I can coordinate for service replacement. As before, please contact me or go to the website to find the grant forms and more information. https://viroqua-wisconsin.com/?p=7566

Next week, Badger will be restoring boulevards and yards with black dirt in preparation for paving to occur the week of June 21st. This includes all of Washington, Rusk between Decker and Jefferson and possibly Rusk between Terhune and Oak.