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Election Day Information


The polling location is at the Church of Christ, 825 Nelson Parkway, Viroqua, WI, 54665. The entrance for the polling place is the back door of the church. 

Voting hours are from 7am until 8pm.

Voters who need to register may do so on Election Day in person at the polling place. If you need to register to vote, please bring proof of residency.  You can register before that day by mail (until March 17th) or by calling City Hall for an appointment until April 1, 2021.  You may also register online at Wisvote.Wi.gov

Additional information for voters on Election Day:

-Please follow all instructions provided to you by the poll workers and posted signage.

-Please follow all instructions to keep social distance, and 6′ physical distance as mandated. 

-Please follow all instructions given to you by the poll workers monitoring the doorway.

-Please bring your current photo identification.

-Pens are provided for ballot voting. These pens are specific for accurate voting. You do not need to bring a pen.

-Please know that procedures for maintaining social distance and 6′ of physical distance are expected.

-Please make accommodations for child care. If possible, please, do not bring children to the polling location.

-Please note that you may be asked to wait outside, in any weather condition.

-Please know that you are personally responsible for your own safety and protection.

-Personal Protective Equipment is not provided to voters.


For absentee ballots to be counted, they must be received by 8pm on Election Day, April 6, 2021.  They can be returned by hand by April 5, 2021 to City Hall.  On Election Day April 6, 2021 they must be returned to  Viroqua’s polling place by 8 pm.  If they are returned to City Hall on Election Day we cannot guarantee they will get to the polls to be counted so you need to bring them to the Church of Christ that day because City Hall employees will not be at City Hall that day.
Ballots postmarked or hand delivered after April 6, 2021 cannot be counted. 
Viroqua’s polling place is the Church of Christ, 825 Nelson Parkway, Viroqua, WI 54665.

Absentee ballots are complete once the envelope has been signed, addressed and dated by both voter and witness.

For your convenience, City Hall has a drop box to receive absentee ballots. The walk-up drop box is located by City Hall entrance and is attached to the building.  This is the same drop box you would put your utility bill payments in. 

Early absentee voting cannot begin until March 23, 2021 at City Hall and will be by appointment only.  It will be March 23-26th and again March 29-April 1st from 8am-11:15am and 1:00 – 3:00pm.  You can call City Hall at 637-7154 Ext 17 to set up an appointment starting on March 22, 2021.

Absentee ballots are stored at City Hall and not processed until Election Day where they are then opened and entered in the tabulator for counting.  If you want to make sure your ballot was received you can check the myvote.wi.gov website.  We usually receive our mail early in the morning so it is recommended that you mail your ballot early to guarantee it arrives timely.  All ballots have return postage on them.

Type D Notice of polling hours April 6, 2021

Sample Ballot-Ward 1

Sample Ballot – Wards 2,4,6,8

Sample Ballot – Ward 3

Sample Ballot – Ward 5

Sample Ballot – Ward 7

Sample Ballot – Ward 9

Wards 36X48