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Viroqua Seeking Diversity Board Members

On March 30th the Viroqua City Council passed an ordinance creating the city’s first ever Diversity Advisory Board. The Board was created to help secure human rights and equal opportunity for residents of Viroqua in the areas of safety, housing, employment, public accommodations, public service and education.  All Board meetings will be open to the public.

Three citizen members will be selected by the City Council to serve a term of three years on the Board. The Board also consists of two City Council members and two members of the public nominated by the Mayor.  The Board shall act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and the Common Council, and its duties shall include advising the City on diversity and equity strategies that strengthen connections among diverse community groups and with City government. 

The duties of the Board shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Review the compiled data of police calls and resulting actions.
  2. Annually review police department protocols and practices for responding to calls.
  3. Annually review police department training and education.
  4. Review the Viroqua Municipal Code of Ordinances to ensure that enforcement does not have a disparate impact on any group of people.
  5. Identify and organize inclusive, City-sponsored events and educational programs to promote diversity in our community.
  6. Provide a safe space for marginalized members of the community to be heard.


If you are interested in being considered in this Board, or know someone who is, please send a brief description of who you are and why you feel you want to be considered for a term to city clerk Lori Polhamus at lpolhamus@viroqua-wisconsin.com by May 4th.  Members of the Diversity Board must be residents of Vernon County.  Nominations will be compiled and shared with City Council for review by May 11th.  The decision of who will be appointed to the Board will be on the May 25th Common Council agenda.