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The Viroqua region offers exceptional hunting opportunities through all seasons of the year. Explore breathtaking scenery while enjoying an exciting excursion in a habitat with thriving numbers of white-tailed deer, turkey and pheasant. The hills, valleys and waterways of Vernon County also provide hunting experiences including duck, geese, grouse, quail, dove, rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, fox and coyote. This serene backdrop, alive with flourishing populations of game, provides the means for the hunting trip of a lifetime.

White-tailed Deer

The rugged hills and deep valleys of Vernon County provide excellent habitat for White-tailed Deer. Intermixed farm fields provide food sources and help keep the herd population stable and healthy. Most land is privately-owned, but many public hunting grounds throughout the County are available. A number of Cabin and Bed & Breakfast operators offer hunting on their properties as well.

Turkey Hunting

When wild turkey was first targeted for reintroduction in Wisconsin in 1976, Vernon County was chosen as the first region to receive the new transplant. Since then, the population has rapidly increased and turkeys now flourish in all regions of the County. Romance, about 10 miles West of Viroqua, was the site of the first reintroduction and is rightfully named “Wild Turkey Capital of Wisconsin”.

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