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Committees, Commissions & Boards

City of Viroqua committees, commissions and boards information is included below. Committees usually meet on Tuesday evenings when scheduled. Check the City Meetings calendar for times and agendas.

Finance / Personnel Committee

The Finance / Personnel Committee oversees the city budget, including appropriations and expenditures, as well as all aspects of personnel. The committee meets as needed and prior to Council meeting to review bills to be paid.

Tanja Birke(Chairperson), Cyndy Hubbard, Terry Noble, Kristal Welter, vacant

Public Works Committee

The Public Works Committee has oversight responsibility for the Department of Public Works operations, management, facilities and equipment.  The Committee meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

Gregory Splinter (Chairperson), Kristal Welter, John Thompson, Tanja Birke, Terry Noble

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee has oversight responsibilities for the Fire and Police Departments operations and management (except personnel), public safety, alcoholic beverage and other licensing activities.

John Thompson (Chairperson), David Tryggestad, Mike Koppa, Gregory Splinter, Cyndy Hubbard

Public Property & General Government Committee

The Public Property Committee has oversight responsibility for planning and zoning, building inspection, city facilities and general government operations.

Cyndy Hubbard (Chairperson), Mike Koppa, Tanja Birke, Gregory Splinter, David Tryggestad

Parks and Recreation Committee

The Parks and Recreation Committee oversees the operations of the city’s parks and the recreation programs.

Mike Koppa (Chairperson), Terry Noble, David Tryggestad, John Thompson, Vacant

Municipal Court Committee

The Municipal Court Committee (together with the Judge and the member communities) is responsible for the general operation of the Hidden Valleys Municipal Court, serving the Cities of Viroqua and Westby and the Villages of La Farge and Cashton. The Committee meets as needed.

Karen Mischel (Viroqua), Danny Helgerson (Westby), Cheryl Purvis (La Farge), Police Chief Rick Niedfeldt (Viroqua), Rita Byers (Cashton)

Viroqua Tourism Commission

The Tourism Commission promotes tourism to Viroqua and the surrounding areas using a portion of the funds that the City of Viroqua receives from the city room tax. The committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month.

Michael Corr, Alycann Taylor, Ted Parrish, Tanja Birke, Dani Lind

City Plan Commission

The City Plan Commission is a statutory commission which is required to review matters related to public buildings, statues or memorials, streets, parks & playgrounds and subdivision plats within the City or within 1-1/2 miles of the City boundary.  The Plan Commission meets as needed.

Karen Mischel (Chairperson), Jan Rasikas, Sheila Sherwin, Nico Enjalbert, Sonya Newenhouse, David Levin, Terry Noble

Board of Appeals 

The Board of Appeals has limited authority to grant variances or special exceptions to the City’s Zoning Code.  The Board meets on an as needed basis, subject to Class 2 public notice requirements.

Jess Johnson, Jean Klousia, Elizabeth Reynolds, Carrie Tunks, Jonah Curly, Sonja Fortney (alternate)

Board of Review

The Board of Review meets annually within 30 days of the second Monday in May to hear objections to assessments made by the local tax assessor.

Valdo Gilman, Jess Johnson, Allison Mendoza, Bill Brooke, Kris Snowdeal

Airport Commission

The Airport Commission is responsible for the operation and management of the Viroqua Municipal Airport.  The Commission meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the Airport.

Mike Skildum (manager), Travis Geary, Mike Olson, Arnold Noman, Doug Swenson, Roy Torgerson, Dan Everson, David Tryggestad

Police and Fire Commission

The Fire and Police Commission is responsible for personnel management for the Police and Fire Departments.  Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Tom Weston (Chairperson), Alycann Taylor, Wayne Sherry, Barbara McNeal, Gloriane Noble, David Olson, William Anderson, Bill Schultz

Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission’s mission is to protect, enhance and perpetuate sites of special architectural or historic character in the community.  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday (bi-monthly) at City Hall.

Gregory Splinter (Chairperson), Marjorie Macasaet, Cyndy Hubbard, Rhonda Kiedinger, Jean Driscoll, Michael Corr, Tom Wilson