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The Viroqua Fire Department serves The City of Viroqua, Town of Franklin, Town of Jefferson and Town of Viroqua. The department is allowed 40 Volunteer Fire Fighters and one part-time Chief. 

Interested in Joining? Participating in the Fire Academy will give you a look into what being part of the Volunteer Fire Department is like!

Viroqua Fire Department

702 East Broadway, Viroqua,WI 54665

 Equipment List

Fire Prevention Tips


Officers Viroqua Fire

  • Chief Chad Buros
  • First Assistant Chief Dick Wallin
  • Second Assistant Chief Glen Martin
  • Captain Ryan Marx
  • Lt. Brandon Larson
  • Lt. Joshua Brown
  • Lt. Jared Rahr
  • Lt. Eric Bankes
  • Lt. Todd Sanwick


Fire Fighters

  • Wayne Keenan
  • Anna Fitzgerald
  • Zach Hansen
  • John Thompson
  • Todd Budnik
  • Justin Running
  • Dustin Rogers
  • Bob Budworth
  • John Necollins
  • Eryn Morrison
  • Matt Hase
  • Michael Strasser
  • Neil Funk
  • Sadham Patel
  • Steve Sis
  • Troy Sanwick
  • Trever Bankes
  • John Schmit
  • Seth Young
  • Guy Bieri
  • Jason Rood
  • Ben Kimmet
  • Christian Visgar
  • Rachel Falkers
  • Truman Shortridge
  • Tim Malin
  • Calvin Daniels


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