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NEW Parking Regulations

Reminder Winter Snow Event Procedures

In 2021 the City of Viroqua passed a new ordinance regarding on-street parking during the snow season.  Previously, City ordinances restricted all overnight parking on City streets between November 15th and April 1st of each year.  The new ordinance allows overnight parking on City streets at all times of the year EXECPT in the instance of a “winter snow event” – which is defined as any instance in which there is snowfall of 1 ½ inches or more.  When the snowfall threshold is met, the Viroqua Public Works Department or Police Department will issue a city wide notification via the City website, Facebook, and Nixle declaring a snow event.  

City residents and guests are strongly encouraged to monitor weather forecasts and relocate their vehicles ahead of time if snowfall is expected to exceed 1 ½ inches. 

Once a snow event has been declared, on-street parking will be prohibited in the downtown corridor between Decker and South St., Dunlap and Center Streets between the hours of midnight at 7 a.m.  OR until snow has been removed past the curbline to the sidewalk, typically, but not always, the evening after the snow event.  It is important to note that if the snow event happens on a Friday or Sunday, the snow removal in the downtown haul zone may not occur until Monday/Tuesday evening. In that case, no night parking in the haul zone is allowed until after the snow is removed past the curbline.

In all other areas outside of the downtown corridor, on-street parking is prohibited until that street or alley has been plowed and the snow has been removed to the curbline.

To sign up for NIXLE alerts, please Receive alerts from your local agencies sign up at https://local.nixle.com/register/ or text your ZIP CODE to 888777 for mobile alerts.

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