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South Rusk & Washington Avenue Public Meeting Flyer- January 2021

South Rusk and Washington Avenue Public Meeting Flyer – January 2021

View Announcement COVID Resolution Announcement

Viroqua – COVID Resolution 11-24-20

View Announcement City of Viroqua Winter Procedures 2020

2020 City of Viroqua Winter Procedures

View Announcement Local Leaders’ Video Announcement about Prevention of Covid-19 Transmission

View Announcement Leaf Vac & Garbage/Recycling Containers

Southwest Sanitation Garbage and Recycling Containers: The containers need to be left in your driveway or on your boulevard for pickup. Containers left in the street are in the way of the Leaf Vac now and will be in the way of the snowplow this winter.


For more information, please contact the Viroqua City Hall.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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