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Parks & Rec Cancellations

It was unanimously decided at the Park & Rec Committee meeting to cancel all Park and Rec activities for the 2020 summer due to concerns with the COVID-19 virus.  It wasn’t the decision we were hoping for, but it was a tough decision made to try and keep the community safe. 

Park Shelters, Bathrooms, and Play Structures are closed until July 1st.

Thank you for your understanding.

Refund Letter : 


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On Wednesday, May 13, 2020 the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Governor Tony Evers Safer at Home order. The ruling has not changed any county or municipal public health emergency orders currently in place. However, it does enable all City of Viroqua businesses and non-profit organizations to reopen. As we have learned throughout the course of the pandemic, the decisions made at higher levels will likely be challenged or outright changed at a rapid pace. While we wait for further developments, all residents are being encouraged to practice social distancing and to abide by guidance from public health experts. The Court ruling does not negate the fact that there is an active public health threat in the Viroqua Community. Now more than ever, City residents and members of the business community must be steadfast in their efforts to combat any further community spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Until action is taken by the Viroqua City Council, access to municipal facilities, park amenities, and services will remain restricted or limited – with some minor exceptions. As of May 14, 2020, the lobby of the Viroqua Police Department is now open to the public. We encourage you to contact City Hall or the appropriate municipal departments for specific information. Like any responsible organization, City staff and officials will continue the discussion on how to safely reopen facilities and resume operations as normal.

Our commitment to assisting you through this transition remains unchanged. We will continue to communicate with you as soon as new information becomes available.

View Announcement Sealcoat Notice 4/22/2020


Starting Tuesday, April 28th, or shortly thereafter, several streets throughout the City will be undergoing micro-surfacing. Micro-surfacing is a protective seal coat which extends the life of pavement. It is a thin, tough layer of asphalt blended with finely crushed stone for traction. Micro-surfacing is a cost-effective method to renew and extend the life of roads and road surfaces.

The company hired to perform the work is Struck and Irwin Paving out of DeForest, Wisconsin. The first step involves crack sealing and spray patching. During this time, you will see them apply a tar-like seal or spray, cover it with a thin paper or coat it with fine sand-like material. After all the preparatory work is complete, they will return to apply the micro-surface, which will look similar to new asphalt.  

This sealcoating will occur on:

  1. Parkwood Trail – Johnson Street uphill to dead end
  2. Pine Street – Willow Street through to Garfield Avenue
  3. Willow Street – Roosevelt Avenue to Pine Street
  4. Crossing Meadows Drive – Schroeder Road to 16th Fairway Drive
  5. West Point Circle – Crossing Meadows Drive to end of cul-de-sac
  6. Roosevelt Avenue – Willow Street to Maple Street

Residents who will be impacted by the micro-surfacing will receive a flyer on their door notifying them of the work being done.

There are plans to do other streets in these areas in 2021, however, in order to maintain access closer to all properties during the sealcoating, the work will be split over two years.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Sarah Grainger at sgrainger@viroqua-wisconsin.com or 637-7154 ext. 20.

Sarah Grainger. Director of Public Works/City Engineer

View Announcement Adjusted City Hall Hours

The City of Viroqua is continuing to evaluate and adjust staffing and services as necessary during this unprecedented health pandemic to reduce the possibility of the transmission of COVID-19.  The safety of the employees and residents remain a top priority.  As a result, beginning Monday, April 20 through the duration of Governor Evers Stay at Home Order, City Hall will be staffed Monday-Friday from 8:00am-12:00pm.  During the afternoon hours, all City and Utility clerks will work remotely from home. 

These changes are being implemented as a balanced approach in providing for the safety of the City employees, reducing opportunities for community spread of COVID-19 and ensuring a high level of city services to the community.  During this time, residents are encouraged to email City Staff instead of calling – especially if it is after noon.

Residents will no longer require a key to access the City’s compost yard.  Instead, the gate will be open each day from dawn to dusk. 

View Announcement Postponed- Farmer’s Market

An update on the Viroqua Farmers Market from the Chamber Main Street Executive Director:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the indefinite postponement of the Viroqua Farmers Market for the 2020 season. Staff have been working long hours trying to find locations, solutions and the ability to comply with safety standards in the age of COVID-19. We have attempted location changes, format changes (drive through or CSA market) and continue to run into challenges. As we do not have a clear sense of when we can open, we are refunding seasonal vendor fees, or returning checks that have not yet been cashed. It is our hope that we can open up this year.. perhaps in July, but until then, we wait on restrictions to be lifted or a major donor to finance a CSA for the Viroqua Farmers Market. If the market is able to start later in the season, vendors will either pay a smaller seasonal fee or $15/per day to vend, whatever is determined to be more reasonable. The Viroqua Chamber Main Street is happy to direct Farmers and Artists/Vendors to state and federal resources for relief from lost vending opportunities, as well as to local resources for expenses like utilities and rent based on economic losses from events such as the Farmers Market being cancelled. We are here to help in any way that we can. The Farmers Market is the longest running promotion of the Viroqua Chamber Main Street and by far one of the most beneficial to the community. It will be missed terribly. We will continue to fight for you, to advocate for Farmers and Small Business owners, and will always consider you to be important members of our extended family of Small Businesses. Be well, be safe. Nora

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