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Water Department

Viroqua’s water system contains three wells, two water towers and approximately 35 miles of water main that is operated and maintained by Viroqua Utilities. The utility provides its customers high-quality water which meets or exceeds all state and federal standards. The annual 2019 Consumer Confidence Report provides all water quality testing information. All three wells are chlorinated to destroy any pathogens that may enter our system. We do not fluoridate our water.

Water Service Application

Utilities Customer Application

Bank Authorization Form

Water service applications must be mailed or faxed to 202 N. Main Street, Viroqua, WI 54665. Questions regarding water applications should be directed to the contact on the application form. 

Additional Water Information Pages

Your Rights as a Residential Water Customer

Identifying Your Water Service Line

Viroqua Water System and Lead

Wellhead Protection

Viroqua Water Department – City Hall

124 West Decker Street
Viroqua, WI 54665

 General Inquiries and Billing

Cheryl Purvis, Utility Clerk
[email protected] 
Sarah Kemp, Deputy Clerk II, Utility Billing Clerk
608-637-7186 ext. 319
[email protected] 

Sarah Grainger, City Engineer
Greg Marsh, Utility & Operations Supt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We purchased a new water softener and need to know the hardness of the water.

A. The average hardness of the water in Viroqua is 230 parts per million, which equates to 13.3 grains of hardness.  Other water softeners settings would be “very hard”.

Q. How many gallons are in 100 Cubic Feet?

                A. 748.5 gallons @100 Cubic Feet

                7.48 gallons @ 1 Cubic Foot  (7.5 gallons for ordinary calculations)

                1 gallons = 8.34 pounds

Q. Can I receive sewer credit if I fill my swimming pool?

A. Yes, for the first fill of the year—please call our water office at 637-7186 ext. 319 for further information  regarding size, etc.

Q. I think my water pipes in the house are frozen, what can I do?

A. If you believe interior pipes have frozen, turn off the water at the main valve for your home and call a plumber.  NEVER TRY TO THAW A PIPE WITH A TORCH OR OPEN FLAME.

Q. Does Viroqua Fluorinate the water supply

A. No.

Q. I haven’t any water at my home.  It is after regular work hours.  Who do I call for assistance?

A. Please call the Police Department 637-2121.  They will reach the utility department if needed.

Q. Do you have a Drop Box at City Hall to accept Utility payments?

A. Yes, there is one drop box. A drive-up utility payment box is located on the West side of City Hall’s parking lot.  Please do not use the mailbox as a drop box.

More Information:

Please contact the Viroqua Utilities at 608-637-7186 ext. 313 or ext. 319 with any questions.

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