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Wellhead Protection

The residents of the City of Viroqua depend exclusively on groundwater for a safe drinking water supply. Certain land use practices and activities can seriously threaten or degrade groundwater quality. The purpose of this Wellhead Protection Ordinance is to institute land use regulations and restrictions protecting the municipal water supply of the City of Viroqua and to promote public health, safety and general welfare of the City of Viroqua’s residents.

Overview of Water System

The City’s current water system includes 3 municipal wells that supply water to businesses, institutions and approximately 4,100 residents through 185,000 feet of watermain.  See Wellhead Zone Map  for the water system map.  The City currently operates wells number 4 through 6.  The City began constructing well #6 in 2013 in order to address capacity deficiencies and remove Well 3 from regular operation. 

Well #4, which was constructed in the 1960’s, can be found on Congress Street. Well #5, constructed in 2003, can be found on Arena Dr. Well #6, the City of Viroqua’s newest well, constructed in 2013, can be found on South Washington Street.

Wellhead Zone Map 

Wellhead Sign