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City of Viroqua Lead Service Lateral Grant

The City of Viroqua was awarded $200,000 of principal forgiveness funding under the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) private Lead Service Lateral (LSL) Replacement Funding Program. This program provides funding for the City of Viroqua to offer private homeowners grant money to complete partial water service replacements.

The City anticipates very few, if any, full lead water services are present. However, we are aware of galvanized lines in the system. Galvanized lines are commonly connected to the watermain by a lead gooseneck, a two-foot section of flexible pipe. For information to determine the material of your water service click this link.

When the city replaces lead goosenecks during construction projects, grant money will be available to homeowners, schools and licensed daycares to complete the service line replacement on the private portion of the service. 

The private LSL replacement program can be used for costs associated with private homes, K-12 schools, and licensed day care centers. It does not cover costs for replacing private lead service lines to commercial and business properties, except in instances where a building contains both a business and a residence. 


In order to receive grant money for private service line replacement you must be FIRST be pre-approved from the City and follow a specific protocol. The pre-approval forms and protocol will be posted on the website once the program begins. If you are in need of a galvanized or lead water service line replacement before that time please contact Sarah Grainger at 608-637-7154 x20 or regarding the potential for funding.

Click on the following links for the forms for this program.

Prequalified Plumbing List 6-18-21

Application For Lead Service Replacement

Lead Service Removal Agreement

LSL Reimbursement Application