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City of Viroqua Lead Service Lateral Grant

The City of Viroqua has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to open the Lead Service Lateral (LSL) grant to properties throughout the city until December 2021. This means that if your property has a galvanized water service and is a residence or childcare facility, you are eligible to apply. This grant program provides full funding for private side water services. Private side water services are the water pipe that starts at curb stop, near the property line, and goes into the building, ending at the water meter.

**** You must FIRST be approved from the city and follow a specific protocol to receive the grant.  ****

Viroqua Utilities is proud to announce that, with the work done on the South Rusk and Washington Avenue project, all lead pipe and goosenecks used in water services in the city have been removed. The next step toward eliminating any potential lead exposure from water services is to look at galvanized water lines. Galvanized water lines were historically connected to the watermain by a lead gooseneck, a two-foot section of flexible pipe. Through time, any lead that may have leached from these goosenecks could have attached to the surface of galvanized pipes through the mechanisms of corrosion. The risk of lead exposure is reduced the longer the gooseneck was removed i.e. 30 years ago versus 5 years ago. However, most of the galvanized pipe in the city is at the end of its lifespan and breakdown of galvanized pipe is a concern, potentially increasing the risk again.  

The City of Viroqua was awarded $200,000 of principal forgiveness for the private Lead Service Lateral (LSL) Replacement Funding Program. This funding was originally intended for lead service replacements where services were connected to lead goosenecks on South Rusk Avenue. These service replacements have been completed and there is over $100,000 in grant money remaining. The city has until the beginning of December 2021 to spend this remaining grant money, so we need to act quickly.

You can tell if you have a galvanized private side water service by looking at the pipe between your water meter and where it exits your property. If the line is brownish/copper in color, it is copper pipe. If it is not metal (often blue), then you have a plastic water service. If it is silver in color, then it is likely galvanized. For information to determine the material of your water service click this link. Removal of internal building plumbing is not a part of this grant. However, it is important to observe the material of the water pipe that goes from your meter into your home plumbing, as well as general home plumbing and fixtures. Plumbing, plumbing fixtures and pipe joint solder is a potential source of lead, particularly in older homes. To find more information on internal plumbing and lead visit or contact your local health department.

Using the link below, you can access the Prequalified Plumbers List, Application for Lead Service Replacement, Lead Service Removal Agreement and the LSL Reimbursement Application and other LSL Grant information.

Please contact Sarah at 608-637-7154 x20 (please leave a message) or or go to the website to find the grant forms and more information.

Click on the following links for the forms for this program.

Prequalified Plumbing List 6-18-21

Application For Lead Service Replacement

Lead Service Removal Agreement

LSL Reimbursement Application