Friendly Neighborhood Reminder from City Council

Friendly Neighborhood Reminder from the Viroqua City Council


VIROQUA Wis., August 26, 2020


Please take some time during the next week to create neighbor-friendly sidewalks and boulevards in Viroqua by keeping the following in mind:

  • Please water the young trees on your boulevard.
  • Aside from grass, trees and mailboxes, only flowers and other non-woody plants are permitted in the boulevard space between the sidewalk and the street.
  • Plants on the boulevard may not exceed 30″ in height.
  • The full width of the sidewalk and street must be kept clear of all plant vegetation.
  • Tree and shrub branches must be pruned to allow comfortable clearance for all residents, including the tall ones, to walk upright without ducking to avoid having an eye poked out.


For more detailed information, please contact the Viroqua City Hall at (608) 637-3251 and request “City Ordinance 12.12: Obstructing Streets, Sidewalks, and Other Public Walkways,” or go online to the City of Viroqua website.


Thank you for your cooperation!