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Main Street Apartments Development Project

The City of Viroqua encourages area residents and stakeholders to share their feedback with representatives from Northpointe Development on a proposed concept plan for the property at 602 North Main St. in Viroqua.  Informational materials – including the conceptual site plan, floor plans, and building renderings can be viewed in the presentation document here  Northpointe Neighborhood Meeting 10-5-22 presentation (2).   

Feedback on the proposed plans are welcome and encouraged.  Feedback may be given through this online option: Link to Survey

Main Street Apartments – Development Schedule

Main Street Apartments – Site Plan – Neighborhood Meeting – 10.05.2022


                                                        Main Street Apartments

                                                      Frequently Asked Questions


Who should I contact with any additional feedback or questions as it relates to Main Street Apartments?

Feedback Survey: https://forms.gle/Zz5yKF3qSD2yLqDB7

Northpointe Development: Jake Victor; [email protected]

City of Viroqua: Nate Torres; [email protected]


What is being proposed for 602 N. Main Street in the City of Viroqua?

Northpointe Development is proposing to construct sixty-nine units of multifamily housing, a minimum of 2,400 square feet of retail space for local businesses, and a 6,000 square foot childcare facility. The layout of buildings and parking, ingress/egress points, architectural designs, and open space elements have not been finalized. These items will not be finalized until Northpointe seeks approval of a Specific Implementation Plan – in the meantime, all site plans shared with the community are concepts and are subject to feedback from the community. Units will be income and rent restricted to households earning between 30 and 60% of Area Median Income – with 10 market rate units being included. 

What is being proposed as it relates to sustainability?

Northpointe Development prioritizes sustainability in all of our projects, this includes:

  • On-site water management systems
  • Certification under the Wisconsin Green Built Homes or Enterprise Green Communities program
    • Building envelope and ventilation standards
    • Energy star qualified appliances
    • Erosion control
    • Sustainable products and materials
    • Programmable thermostats
  • Solar Panels

There’s been mention of environmental contamination, can you share the Phase I?

The Phase I report is still in process and has not yet been finalized. 


What does income and rent restricting the development to households earning between 30% and 60% of Area Median Income mean?

Northpointe Development utilizes the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program to finance the majority of our developments throughout the State of Wisconsin. Main Street Apartments will be rent and income restricted as shown below:

Households must income qualify to live in Main Street Apartments, units will be set aside for families earning between 30 – 60% of Area Median Income. 

Maximum Income to qualify for an affordable unit:


Area Median Income













Number of affordable units set aside at each income level:


Area Median Income

Number of Units








Maximum Rents that can be charged for affordable units (these are not the final rents, a market study is still in process):


Area Median Income

Maximum Rents







You mention Community Engagement and Feedback – what do you mean by this?

Northpointe Development is committed to Main Street Apartments being a public/private partnership. This means extensive community engagement throughout the process. Please see below an overview of our engagement plan:


October 2022

Present first concept plan to a neighborhood meeting, plan commission, and city council. Incorporate feedback and re-design the proposed site plan. 

November 2022

Present second concept plan in a special session of City Council Committee of the Whole, Plan Commission, and City Council.

Seek approval for the Planned Unit Development – General Development Plan. 

December 2022

Incorporate feedback gathered based off the second conceptual plan. 

January 2023

Submit financing application to WHEDA


WHEDA announces allocations of Housing Tax Credits


When the City Council approves a Planned Unit Development – General Development Plan in November 2022, what is actually being approved?

What is the potential impact of affordable housing on property values?

While the following study was completed looking at the City of Chicago, we wanted to share this as it provides good insight into what affordable housing really looks like today.